• Basic Concepts
  • Binary Trees
  • Binary Search Trees

Basic Concepts

A tree is a collection of nodes

  • The collection can be empty
  • (recursive definition) If not empty, a tree consists of a distinguished node r (the root), and zero or more nonempty subtrees $T_1, T_2, …., T_k$, each of whose roots are connected by a directed edge from root


  • Root and Leaf
  • Child and Parent
    • Every node except the root has one parent
    • A node can have an zero or more children
    • A leaf node has no children
  • Sibling nodes with same parent


  • a sequence of edges

Length of a path Depth of a node

  • length of the unique path to the root

Height of a node

  • length of the longest path to a leaf

Tree height

  • the height of the root
  • the depth of the deepest leaf

Ancestor and descendant

  • If there is a path from n1 to n2
  • n1 is an ancestor of n2, n2 is a descendant of n1
  • Proper ancestor and proper descendant

Perfect Binary Tree

A perfect binary tree is the tree where a node can have 0 or 2 children and all leaves are at the same depth


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